Some people say that Pastor Carl White, Jr. is a great musician ( I play the piano), others may say I physically remind them of Frank Sinatra (If you don’t know who he is, you can google him) but I like to think of myself like Apostle Paul. Once I considered accolades to be important in my journey called life but I have come to realize that none of those things matter when you become a servant of Christ. Philippians 3:8

God wants me to teach His people how to have a relationship with him. Encourage the believers that salvation is a daily faith walk. Instruct His Sheep how to be obedient in the Word and walk by the Spirit. Disciple His children how to be lovers of the word and spread the excitement to others. Understand that Love and Forgiveness goes hand and hand. I would like to connect with you through Friendship and be a tool that God can use to increase your walk in Christ..

That was the spiritual side of me, now the natural. I’m quirky and a bit funny but my beautiful wife and best friend, Yasmine White, handles me, just well. We laugh, we cry but all in all, she’s my greatest supporter and personal prayer warrior. She’s the mother of our beautiful, bigger than life personality children, Ava, Anna and C3 (Carl White III). We enjoy life as a family and I make sure that I’m not only pouring into the body of Christ but pouring back into my wife and children as well. (Proverbs 22:6)

Let Friendship be your church home physically and virtually. Let me have an opportunity to shepherd your soul. Let the powerful ministers that support and help me spread the gospel and be a blessing in your life in how to operate in your purpose and gifts.

Connect with Friendship today and fill out a virtual card. It’s that easy to join!